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Cosmetics & Beauty

"Feel the summer in your fingertips and get even your toes excited! Check out the Essie 2013 summer collection!" A cosmetic banner example designed in Satumaa.

Series of Vichy advertorials. Topics hair loss & stress, hair loss & pregnancy, hair loss & menopause

"Does your skin need intensive and soothing moisturizer?" An example of La Roche-Posay's point of sales materials.

Garnier's The Miracle Cream test group in Facebook.

"Got attitude? Become a Féria model!" A campaign searching new models in Facebook. Designed in Satumaa.

Vichy Soleil Capital web course for pharmacies.

Vichy Dercos Neogenic web course for pharmacies.

"Welcome, you're in good hands." A hairdresser web page was made with SEO in mind. A freelance project.

"Widen your world." An eyewear brochure. We also did some ads for this company.

The brochure intro: "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You want to see the wolrd's best side and show your own. You want to walk in the edge of dreams and see the future. You know yourself. A freedom to choose, individuality, lightness, strong lines, clarity... what's your style? Step to the ultimate viewing spot. Taste."

Here are examples of work that I have done for L’Oréal Nordic in Satumaa. I’ve done brochures, product catalogue texts, Facebook competitions, banners, web course materials and point of sales materials.

There is also an example of a brochure for a small Finnish eyewear company Taste and a web page for a hairdresser (a freelance project).

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