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Food and Household Products

Orthex Group’s TV & YouTube campaign,

"When you are little, everything's bigger."

This client designs and manufactures house hold items for everyday use. This is an example of an ad of their children's collection. Designed in Satumaa.

Grandiosa Pizzatasku – 3 laughingly good flavours!

A marketing campaing for Grandiosa Pizzatasku (pizzapocket) includes 3 TV ads and 3 YouTube ads, extra film footage, pos materials and a campaign site with the possibility to text your own film.

The main message: “Make miracles. Transform the best water in the world into the best cola in the world”. SodaStream’s Finnish campaign highlights Finland’s pure water and new cola flavors. Campaign consisted of tv ad, banners, Facebook campaign, magazine ads and outdoor advertising.

View the tv ad here:

We also did special labels for a fashion event with a message: “Did you know that you are privileged? In Finland you get to drink the best water in the world – no more, no less. With SodaStream you can change this national treasure into a fresh and bubbly drink with a flavour twist of your own choice. However, if you want to drink something old and stagnant, SodaStream is not for you.”

SodaStream Free campaign with tv, banners and point of sale materials. "No artificial additives and just a few calories."

Chech the film here:

The whole content of was refreshed and made more consumer and search engine friendly. The campaign also consisted of banners, radio and magazine ads and Google Adwords.

"Evict unwanted visitors from your garden naturally" Cooper BIO product line, and example of a magazine ad.

Examples of advertising campaigns: tv, web, magazine ads, brochures and point of sale materials. Clients Orthex, SodaStream Finland, Grandiosa and Berner/Cooper. Designed in Satumaa.

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