“Don’t be dull. Think in bright colors.”


IT and Telecommunication

Check I wrote the video script and the personnel stories for their recruiting site. Designed in Satumaa.

Let's take a plunge into Java world. I write stories to Vaadin's client magazine e.g. "When passionate people meet, bright ideas are born", "Proving the scalability of Vaadin", "From different working patterns to new insights","Through the lens: Jonatan’s photographs show the beauty of ordinary places". You find Dock magazine here: Designed in Satumaa.

An example of Sonera’s print ad “Show your newest beach fashion”

An example of Sonera’s direct mail “Are you doing fine? Now you are.”

“Where does imagination take you?” We did many banners in the HBO campaign, this is one of them. You can click inside the banner and read a short description of a few hit series, read about the product being sold or go straight to the web page. Designed in Satumaa.

Check out the tv ad: Designed in Satumaa.

"Be prepared, when the lions wake up - order MTV Total!" A direct mail for hockey lovers. Designed in Satumaa.

"Don't blow the whistle yet, the game isn't over!" Hockey banners for TeliaSonera Finland. Designed in Satumaa.

"91 % of the Finns think that reliability is the most important factor in their internet service. Keep this in mind already in building your home" The target audience was home builders. Designed in Satumaa.

Here you see examples of a client magazine and web page texts, banners, a direct mail, ads and a poster. Clients Vaadin and TeliaSonera Finland. Designed in Satumaa.

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