“Don’t be dull. Think in bright colors.”



Concentrate on loving. We did the materials for the new Petcare service for cats and dogs. See the web page and the cute age calculator:

Designed in Satumaa.

"Greetings from the boat show! Bavaria 43cruiser, Yamarin 68 Cabin Double Steering and Sea Ray 375 Sundancer – it’s nice to look at these beauties. I wouldn’t mind getting a small boat next summer. Thanks to Avodart, I am now the captain of my own life. Markku A." This was a year-round postcard campaign for doctors. An imaginary person Markku A. sends postcards that always highlight how good life is now that he has found help.

"Time is precious." A roll up to be used in medical conferences.

"Relax. Perceive. Get energized." A web page for a yoga service. A freelance project.

"Towards a healthier life" Web page texts and proofreading educational material. A freelance project.

Web page texts and client magazines for BCB Medical. A freelance project.

Here you see examples of a postcard, roll up and web pages. Clients GSK, Pune, BCB Medical ja Ihana Elämä Oy.

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