“Don’t be dull. Think in bright colors.”



"Relax. Perceive. Get energized." A web page for a yoga service. A freelance project.

"Towards a healthier life" Web page texts and proofreading educational material. A freelance project.

Web page texts and client magazines for BCB Medical. A freelance project.

"Time is precious." A roll up to be used in medical conferences.

"Greetings from the boat show! Bavaria 43cruiser, Yamarin 68 Cabin Double Steering and Sea Ray 375 Sundancer – it’s nice to look at these beauties. I wouldn’t mind getting a small boat next summer. Thanks to Avodart, I am now the captain of my own life. Markku A." This was a year-round
postcard campaign for doctors. An imaginary person Markku A. sends postcards that always highlight how good life is now that he has found help.

Here you see examples of health related works. Clients GSK, Pune, BCB Medical ja Ihana Elämä Oy.

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